Limit to number of DNS zones in CloudFlare account?

Hello everyone! Apologies if this is answered elsewhere and I missed it (very possible). Is there an upper limit to the number of DNS zones I can host in my CloudFlare account at the Free level? My company maintains over 1000 domain names, and I’d love to have them all under a single registrar. Thanks in advance!

There are limits as to how many DNS records you can manage on one zone, but there are - to the best of my knowledge - no limits in terms of zones.

If you want a definitive and official answer, in writing, you best open quickly a support ticket.

Thanks @sandro - that’s very helpful! I’m not sure that I can open a support ticket, since I’m at the “free” level. I’ll give it a try though! Thanks again!

You can ->


Completely correct, @sandro - thanks again! CloudFlare ROCKS!

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Hi @jp_carnes-stine, I was thinking about your question and following progress on the ticket and in chat. I see the engineer relayed the details to you that Cloudflare does not impose a hard-set limit on the number of activated domains.

After learning that detail, the point was really driven home when I noticed the number of domains in this account:

Screenshot from 2019-12-18 08-51-50

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Thats going to be a lot of clicking.


Luckily there is search, but wow 41k domains!