Limit the countries of сf cdn (edge) servers

hello , is it possible to limit the countries of CDN servers when using Cloudflare proxy?

I mean, clients from some countries cannot connect directly to the Cloudflare CDN from a neighboring country, it also happens that a CDN in a neighboring country cannot access the Origin server (giving the user a server error).
Now this problem is observed in some RU/UA clients

Maybe I didn’t find it in the settings, or it’s available at higher plans, give me some advice
I found a similar question here, but I didn’t find an answer

You can not limit the data centers that are used. The reason is that Cloudflare uses anycast, so the client device is choosing the data center to connect to

See these for more information:

thanks for the reply. please tell me if there are any solutions or workarounds to avoid the situation described above?

The server is located in RU, while some clients in RUreceived such an error due to the fact that Cloudflare used edge in the UA. Direct connections are currently blocked.
I would be grateful if you could tell me in more detail how to fix it

Can you be a bit more specific of the location. European side of RU, or the Asian side of RU ?

European side of RU, MSK/SPB

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Forcing traffic to go to a specific datacentre will only result in more problems in the future - there are no guarantees that the single IP address (Cloudflare) that you’re pointing to in order to use a workaround will be available or won’t change since it isn’t intended to be used by yourself and therefore you won’t be given any advance notice if it goes down or changes.

For all intents and purposes, it is likely to be fixed in the near future & then you will have a website that doesn’t load at all as opposed to one that’s a bit slower than you’d like.


I admit that this may be a suboptimal solution (if you can call it that), but please, in this case, offer your opinion on what to do in such a situation.

I suppose Argo Smart Routing may help. It would ensure Cloudflare uses an edge location close to your origin (for outbound requests to your origin server) and that would likely be in Russia rather than Ukraine.


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