Limit subdomain access to specific IP addresses

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I have a subdomain that I only want certain IP addresses to be able to access. Currently I have a Zone rule set up for this. It works well but I am uncertain if this is the correct way of doing it, because it seems to also be possible via normal firewall rules?

If I can do it both ways, what is the difference then between using Zone rules and normal firewall rules to accomplish this?

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Yes, you can accomplish it in both ways, firewall rules simply are a generic approach and allow for way more than just IP addresses and hostnames.

In your case zone rules might be the better choice as they are the dedicated tool for your use case, but it’s really up to your preference.

Keep in mind Cloudflare wants to consolidate most of these rule engines at some point but there’s no timeline available yet anyhow.

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Hi Sandro. Thank you for the quick and detailed reply. I will stick with Zone rules as it feels like the more “correct” way of doing it.

Sure. “Correct” is a rather flexible term in this context, as firewall rules will do the job as well, but yes, zone rules would be the dedicated tool here.

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