Limit specific ip addresses to origin server

We currently only allow specific ip addresses through our firewall. When we enable the proxy the few allowed ip addresses can no longer access the origin server.

Not sure how to handle this with the proxy enabled.

You’ll need to allow Cloudflare’s IPs to access your server.

You also then need to figure out how to ensure check the traffic going through Cloudflare, you can do this using Cloudflare’s Zero Trust solutions, or you can check the X-Forwarded-For header on your server.

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Are familiar with setting up the x-forward-for? I set the incoming requests for the following.
Field: x-forward-for - Operator: equals - Value: incoming ip addresses.

I am not sure how to set the modify request header fields.

Thanks for your help

The Restoring original visitor IPs article might be relevant to your effort.

I ended up using the zone lockdown rule under WAF.

Thanks for your help.

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