Limit on TXT record NAME field?

Issue: Whenever I enter the TXT “NAME” field required by GitHub and clicked “save”, Cloudflare’s system changes it.

Github requirement: _github-pages-challenge-YourOnly-One
Cloudflare after clicking save: _github-pages-challenge

Because of this, Github can not find the TXT record.

What could be the solution to this?

Thank you. Shalom.

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It seems that CF is filtering youronly-one thinking it was

I found a workaround:

In the NAME field instead of: _github-pages-challenge-youronly-one
I used:

Now the system filtered it again and this time forced to: _github-pages-challenge-youronly-one.

I’m not sure why it’s thinking the hyphen is a dot which results into it thinking it was the domain name.

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