Limit on pending sites

On this page (Adding Multiple Sites to Cloudflare via Automation – Cloudflare Help Center) it says "You cannot have more pending sites than active sites associated with your Cloudflare account. We recommend waiting until your pending sites have been processed before adding additional domains. "

So, if i have zero active sites, why can i have ANY pending sites? does this mean - if i have ZERO active sites - that I can have UNLIMITED pending sites?

If so that would be amazing because I have ~100-150 dns zones I might need to import as i’m going to be doing a server migration that requires a new place to host all of our dns zones. if i could bulk import them using the api/cli tool and then just cut them over as i migrate sites that would make my life SIGNIFICANTLY easier

Hi @AppAssembly,

No. There is a limit that you will hit, I have seen the number 100 thrown around in relation to this, but that was a while ago and things may have changed. In short, at some point the API will tell you that you need to activate some pending zones before you can add new ones. As you activate more zones, the number you can have pending increases.

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