Limit on file uploads via Cloudflare Access

I can see the free plan of Cloudflare has a max upload limit of 100MB for a single file. Does that limitation apply to uploads from Zero Trust-connected devices too (I meant the android app)?

More Details about the issue:
I have a server that where I am trying to upload the file (approx 1.5GB). it always fails. When I upload it without Cloudflare directly via Public IP it works fine. So there is nothing wrong with the setup.

When I don’t use Cloudflare access and just use the Cloudflare proxy. The upload is blocked after 99MB. I know it’s due to the TOS of Cloudflare.

The request body size limit applies to requests that go through Cloudflare’s Proxy/CDN, irrespective of whether the client is connected to Cloudflare WARP/Zero Trust.

WARP disabled WARP enabled
Proxy disabled No limit No limit
Proxy enabled (Free) 100 MB 100 MB
Proxy enabled (Pro) 100 MB 100 MB
Proxy enabled (Business) 200 MB 200 MB
Proxy enabled (Enterprise) 500 MB (default) 500 MB (default)

If you’re connected to WARP and send a request to an unproxied website :grey:, Cloudflare does not impose a request body size limit. This is why there’s no limit when you connect directly to your public IP.

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