Limit on DNS records per domain


According to this FAQs, Cloudflare limits the amount of DNS records per domain but it doesn’t list what that limit is.

Where can I find this information? I am specifically looking for limits to the Free plan.

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The current DNS record limit is:

  • 1000 DNS records for free customers.
  • 3500 DNS records for Pro, Business and Enterprise (Enterprise customers can also request a limit increase).

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Thank you @Lumito! and I appreciate the quick reply. Do you have a link to publicly shared Cloudflare documentation outlining this?

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Well, I found it on the Spanish documentation, which btw isn’t very updated. The limits may have changed recently, but those are the latest official ones that I could find.

The link to the support article (in Spanish) is:

Maybe @fritex can confirm those limits…



Thank you for asking.

Are you trying to manually add them via Cloudflare Dashboard or import them via the Cloudflare API? :thinking:

I’d like to share a post from my colleague here which has experimented with these limits in the past related to the @Lumito’s referenced article about importing DNS records:

From the FAQ page here:

Does Cloudflare limit number of DNS records a domain can have?

Yes. Currently Free, Pro, and Business customers have a limit on the number of DNS records they can create.

If you are an Enterprise customer you can contact your Account team if you require more DNS records.
Source article:

For a zone/domain using a Free plan, I believe we have more than enough room for the DNS records :wink:

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Thank you @fritex

We will be manually adding subdomain CNAME records, which seems like the DNS records can be as many as 1000 when manually added.

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