Limit on DNS proxying on free tier


is there a limit on how many subdomains can be proxied on the free tier? Currently, I’m getting 502 errors from my FTP server (, but when i disable proxying, everything works fine.

funnily enough, if i turn the proxy back on, then turn it off for another subdomain ( for example), the FTP server works again without 502ing.

So is there a hidden limit that i’m just not finding anywhere in the documentation?

actually nevermind i spoke too soon. my FTP server is once again 502ing like it was, so my DNS record probably didn’t hit its TTL.

Is there any reason my FTP server would be 502ing? it’s on the same box as a few other services which are working fine, and as far as I can tell, my server isn’t being overloaded, so i’m a bit confused.

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The Cloudflare proxy only works with HTTP traffic on specific ports. It does not support other protocols such as FTP or SSH. If you need to use those with a particular hostname, it will need to remain :grey: DNS Only.


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