Limit of number of domain emails

Registrar Dash Ticket - Hello, how many custom addresses can I create for this domain to use the email forwarding?

It’s up to you can create any number custom adresses .

I have a couple of “email forwarding” related questions:

  • Can I create say, 50 or more email forwarding IDs on my domain (eg. one ID for each user)?
  • Can I also use this email forwarding feature to create distribution email lists (eg. [email protected], or [email protected]) where one email ID would send mail out to several people?
  • Can a “no reply” email ID be setup as well?


No. Hopefully in the future.

What do you expect such an email address to do?

I have not seen a limit mentioned anywhere.

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Great, thank-you for the information.

Regarding the “no reply” email ID … This would be an email ID that would “silently discard” any emails sent to it. This ID could be used in your outgoing email’s “To:” field, along with a “Bcc:” to all of the recipients so that they all get your email but they cannot do a “reply all” to everyone else, for example.

Anyway this one is not really a big deal since there are already other ways of doing the same thing.