Limit of 5 sub domains per application, what now?

On my raspberry pi I am running one tunnel through Docker. This tunnel currently has 6 public host names, for example my domain is and one of the public hostname is A website where I write notes: it links to my Notes container. I also have another hostname called which links to my Gym docker container where I register my gym progress

Now I am having a hard time understanding how applications work. Am I supposed to create a new application per different kind of container? In this case 2 applications?

While this seems logical, what is not is that I have to link the new application to an existing group policy and authentication, meaning if I have 100 applications I need to repeat this process 100 times.

Is there an easier way?

Hi there,

You can create a single application covering multiple subdomains as long as you’re ok with all of them having the same settings/policies/etc.

To add multiple subdomains, in your application go to Overview and under Application domain press + Add domain

If you need different settings in some subdomains, or you hit the limit, then you have to create different applications.

Note, you can also automate this by creating/updating your applications from the API:

Take care.

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