Limit daily domain transfers until aggregate billing is introduced

Cloudfare needs to limit daily domain transfers until it fully activates aggregate or one-time total billing system for domain name transfers.

Today, I moved over 10 domains, had no idea, that CF make individual charges. Of course the bank got triggered, and held the charge.

Seriously, this has to be a bigger issue, than what gets reported here. Can’t believe thousands of others don’t go through the same anxiety.

A very maddening flaw in the billing system for domain names.

I’d suggest limiting daily domain transfers to a maximum number below 5, so that at least the credit cards don’t get blocked.

That is until, CF makes a “basic” change in its ability to charge a card in a normal manner for multiple products.

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I believe most of us are in the same boat, unfortunately. For some, contacting their financial institution to give them a heads-up that this is how charges may come in from Cloudflare is helpful with preventing future flag/triggers.

For others, using PayPal as their primary payment method seems to work, as maybe their system is a bit more forgiving with multiple individual charges in succession from the same place.

But yes, I am in full support of what you’re proposing, as I often transfer or renew upwards of 10 domains or more at a time with Cloudflare. (That, and Cloudflare adding the name(s) of the domain(s) affected in those requests…I never see the actual domain name in the individual charge).

Keeping my fingers crossed…