Limit Bandwidth for Free Plan?

Hello everyone, This is the first time i using Cloudflare, so Cloudflare have limit bandwidth for Free Plan? 1TB or 2TB for a month?

There is no limit for bandwidth on the free plan, assuming you are following the Terms of Use (especially section 2.8)


How does Cloudflare work? – Cloudflare Help Center.

CloudFlare does not have bandwidth limits. As long as the domains being added comply with our Terms of Service, CloudFlare does not impose any limits.

If you use too much there’s a possibility that they will force you to pay or kick you out, but I believe they’re pretty generous with bandwidth because they have a lot of it.

Storage space, on the other hand… be careful caching too many files at once or files that are too big.

As long as your content is for a website(HTML/CSS/JS/IMAGES) you should be fine, but if you’re hosting some files they are against the ToS and you’ll be suspended once they realize it.

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