Limelight cdn to cloudflare. 30K+ documents

We are currently using limelight for our CDN needs, we uploaded/ftp our PDFs to the limelight storage and limelight distributes the documents across the globe. To access the documents from our website, we are able to to generate the limelight url by the document name and users can download the document from the limelight edge.

We would like to cut over to Cloudflare. Since cloudflare does not work like a typical CDN, the above won’t be possible right?

What is your recommendations on how to approach the solution with cloudflare to distribute 30K+ documents across the globe that are currently on our local file share?


Correct. Cloudflare is strictly speaking not a CDN.

You’ll be unlikely to achieve on Cloudflare what you want to achieve. Cloudflare wont let you store these files in such a distributed fashion, neither permanently nor globally at once.

What Cloudflare does is cache each individual file in the datacentre closest to each user for a certain time, until it gets evicted once again from that cache and will be requested anew by the next user. That will still store a lot of these files on Cloudflare, but all of that will happen in a very dynamic fashion and you cant “simply” roll out all your files to all datacentres.

If you still need such a functionality, your best bet would be to contact Cloudflare’s sales team. Even though I am not sure they could actually cater to your request, you’ll still find a lot more features up the sleeve of an Enterprise plan :wink:

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