Likely punycode issue with custom domain for CF Pages

I’m trying to add a custom domain for the subdomain hjkl for a site on my account but it’s throwing an Error 8000000 and never registering the custom domain for the page (but it still adds it to the DNS management page); I saw in another post from March where the Google Cert wasn’t allowing for IDNs (or something or another) so it has to be manually switch to Let’s Encrypt.

Is someone able to perform that for me if that truly is my issue?

Thank you very much.

This bug should be fixed. What’s the domain and account ID or


Well that was a very quick response, my appreciations.

The domain is:

Main domain

punycode-version (concatenated together without spaces)

and the pages that I desire to change the certificate for is:

Pages URL
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Ugh my fix didn’t account for IDN TLDs, just the main domain. Ok, I’ll get that fixed

Opted you out, should be applied in around a minute. After that, remove the domain and re-add.


Thank you very much, it works perfectly now.

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