Lightsail DNS and SSL cert setup

i’m moving my site from Bluehost to Lightsail.
I’ve setup Lightsail before but never with moving a site with Cloudflare.
My Domain service is using Cloudflare DNS on Bluehost.
I’m using WP Migration to move the Wordpress from Bluehost to Lightsail.
Does any have advise on the DNS setup and SSL cert setup on Lightsail?
Or should I disconnect Cloudflare and start the whole process of setting up Cloudflare with the Wordpress plugin?
Thanks for any advice on this

That’s what I would suggest. You actually don’t even need that plugin (that’s mostly for convenience).

You don’t necessarily need to disconnect anything (if you mean removing it altogether), just pause Cloudflare (bottom right on the Overview screen). Then update your DNS records to point to your new machine and once everything is working there you can unpause Cloudflare again.

The important thing is that everything works before you unpause, and that includes a valid SSL setup on your server itself.

One other thing to consider, if you pause Cloudflare, your domain will resolve straight to your server. That will “expose”/publicly announce your server address. If you want to keep that hidden from the public you should not unpause, but then the whole setup might become trickier as you will need to take the proxies into account as well.

Thank you!
Great info. I’m sure others will also be helped as there seems no info on this board on the best process

There shouldn’t be a “best process” as that setup will be probably fairly standard.

The most important part is that you get your new machine to load your site all right first on HTTPS. Once that works, (re-)adding Cloudflare shouldn’t be an issue. The only thing at point would be to make sure your machine does not impose any (rate) limits on Cloudflare connections, plus ideally you lock down the machine to Cloudflare only (assuming you only have web services in use via Cloudflare).

That should be it :slight_smile:

If you haven’t checked out an #tutorials yet I would highly recommend it as these two really cover most topics.

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