License access 50 account free

Good Morning,

Is the a la carte cost of Update your Zero Trust plan of 3 dollars charged after the limit for account number 51 or will all 51 accounts be charged multiplied by 3 dollars?

My license is free with a limit of 50 access accounts.

My question if the plan I need to access is “Standard” or “Alacarte”, because Alacarte works for me, I just need to add another zero trust license

I’m fairly certain that a la carte is per user starting with the first user, not the 51st user.

Good evening Fairly,
Thanks for the feedback.
I understand, what about the 7 dollar license? Will it start charging the 51st user?

Today I managed to clean up more users, and I have 46 active ones, still, I can’t activate new emails in the api “access”.

Another question Fairly, once this upgrade is activated, be it Alacarte or Standard, I can go back to the free plan. Because we will close one of the most popular workflows.
Is there a minimum amount of time to upgrade or can I no longer return to the Free plan?

It’s the same as other plans, it starts charging from the 1st user

You can go back by downgrading your plan, which will take effect at the end of your current billing period e.g. if you normally get billed on the 7th then your downgrade will take effect on the 7th. Essentially what this means is they you continue having access for the days you paid for.

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