.li domain not recognised

But it is a registered domain: with internetbs.net.
What’s going wrong?
Is there a similar alternative to CloudFlare that might recognise it?

After checking whois here it also doesn’t show as registered. When did you register the domain? If it has been less then 48 hours try again in a few hours as the registration has not yet been publicly announced to all registrars as of yet probably.

But if you search here (https://www.nic.li/whois/) you do find it.


That is because that is the TLDs own registration holder, but to propagate it to the other registrars, so others can’t register it there, can take up to 48 hours. Though usually within 24 hours they all know, once the link I posted shows it as registered Cloudflare should also be able to accept it as a domain.

Community Tip - Fixing Code: 1049 example.com is not a registered domain, as the search returns.

You simply dont have valid nameservers set. Set them and you should be able to add your domain.

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