Leveraging Cloudflare Page Rules

Hello Cloudflare community, in my agency (crececonseo.com), we are using the service for quite some time to improve the security of websites and facilitate some tasks.

I am currently trying to redirect from one domain to another in both their http and https versions without hosting. As I understand through a page redirect it should work but I am not getting it.

I am following the indications of: Configuring URL forwarding or redirects with Page Rules · Cloudflare Support docs

Thanks for any help.

Use a dummy DNS entry for the old hostname, either A or AAAA 100::, then add a page rule…


Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I have added: A and same rule for page rule but not work yet.

The strange thing is that it is not even doing the redirection from http to https even though I have the option “always in https”.

Need I SSL/TLS Encryption Mode in Flexible? I am using it.


Can you post a screenshot of your rule?

You should should “Full (strict)” to ensure the connection from Cloudflare to your origin is encrypted (at a minimum, use “Full” if strict gives problems while you fix them) - but that won’t affect the page rule which is between the client and Cloudflare (unless your origin doesn’t support HTTPS in which case things will break).

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Hi @hola32

I can’t see any redirect rules in any of the domains you have in your account.

But page rules/redirect rules only work on proxied DNS records.

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I haven’t added the following record: A

Now everything works correctly.