Leverage browser caching

Hi, my name is Shekhar. I have a fitness website & I wanna increase the Speed of it. I am using PageSpeed insight by google to check & improve Website speed. I am getting an Suggestion or say Errors, they are telling me (Watch the Screenshot attached) to improve Leverage browser caching & Optimize CSS Delivery:****/widgets/3213516723-css_bundle_v2.css (Watch the Screenshot for full report)
Before Joining Cloudflare I was getting the same problem but after I joined I thought my page speed will increase. But instead of increasing it decreasing. Before my page speed was 75 & now 69.
I think I am doing something wrong. I set page rules too for cache but still Leverage browser caching problem didn’t solved. I thought it will take some time to update so I wait for 3 more days & again checked, result was same, nothing changed. Attaching Page rule setting Screenshot too.
So please guide me How I can SOLVE Leverage browser caching problem & that 1 .css delivery (Screenshot attached) Reply…


Almost nothing from your site is hosted on your domain, so Cloudflare isn’t going to help. Cloudflare only optimizes and protects your own server (sks3fitness).

     Thanks for reply. My site is hosted on Blogger(free host). So as you said **_" Almost nothing from your site is hosted on your domain "_**   How can I host that .css & .js files(PageSpeed insight report) on blogger?
     I can remove some .js from my Blogger theme/template like google analytics.js but what about other .js & .css as shown in screenshot? How to optimize theme?
       Please Help me to solve these CSS delivery & Leverage browser cache problem.

You’d have to find out from Blogger how to get all those resources to show up under your domain name.