Leverage Browser Caching 0/100 score


I am having issues with my website’s “Leverage Browser Caching”. I was told that Cloudflare would be able to help my site’s performance but even after pointing my website to CF, I still get a score of 0/100 on the www.gtmetrix.com performance analysis (picture attached).

I would really appreciate some insight into how to improve on this score in order to increase my website’s performance.

Thank you very much in advance, it’s very appreciated!

If you click that entry, it will tell you what you need to fix. If you post the actual domain name or a link to the GTMetrix report, we can help you out.

Hi Sdayman,

Thanks for the reply.

Here is the link: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/www.apexmoon.com/aoHz7d0j

Thanks again

As @sdayman said, if you drill down in that element of your score you will see that they are telling you to increase the cache-control max-age on static assets (things like images, css, is etc.) from the current 1 hour to values between 1 month and 1 year.

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for your reply.

That is the section in Caching called " Browser Cache TTL - Determine the length of time Cloudflare instructs a visitor’s browser to cache files. During this period, the browser loads the files from its local cache, speeding up page loads."?

If so, I just changed it to 1 month. That should fix the issue?

Thanks again!

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