LetsEncrypt SSL issue!

Hi, I have a Wordpress site and I am using Cloudflare Free Plan. Currently, I have Cloudflare Full SSL enabled but I want to disable it and use LetsEncrypt SSL. However when I turn Cloudflare SSL Off and configure my server to use LetsEncrypt, Cloudflare causes a redirect to HTTP. I use a plugin to redirect it to HTTPS and so, it causes an infinite redirect loop.
Please Help!

Right. That’s because you disabled Cloudflare SSL, so now Cloudflare redirects visitors to HTTP (non-SSL protocol).

You need Cloudflare SSL to encrypt the browser end of the connection to Cloudflare. You need your Let’s Encrypt certificate to encrypt the origin end of the connection to Cloudflare.

So turn Cloudflare SSL (Full/Strict) back on and you’ll get end to end encryption.

If you want to use the same Let’s Encrypt certificate for both ends of the connection, then you’ll need a Business or Enterprise plan that will let you upload your own SSL certificate.


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Hey, Thanks. I get it.

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