LetsEncrypt SSL Certificate won't renew, but do I need it?

I have been receiving error message emails for renewing my LetsEncrypt SSL Certificate. I have renewed before and last time, I paused Cloudflare, and the next day (after LetsEncrypt renewed) unpaused it.

This time, that method didn’t work and I started looking for other issues. I went to my hosting site and tried to manually setup the certificate and it failed too, with a whole series of error messages.

Then I remembered that earlier this year I moved my domain to Cloudflare. I am on the Cloudflare Basic Plan. Does Cloudflare provide SSL for that plan, and if so, does that mean I have two certificates on my site? Is it ok to run two certificates, or should the LetsEncrypt be removed?

If so, how do I remove the LetsEncrypt SSL (OR) How do I renew the certificate?


You most definitely need a certificate on your server. It’s much easier to use a Cloudflare Origin cert instead of Let’s Encrypt if your host will let you upload your own cert:



Thank you for the information. I knew that it was necessary to have a certificate, and there is one there for now. I believe it expires on the 10th, which still gives me a couple of days to figure this all out.

I’m going to follow the information on the link you sent me and attempt to upload the certificate to my host.

Thank you

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