Let's encryt ssl certificate

Hello, I just switched my website to a new hosting company who uses let’s encrypt, however, my domain is with Cloudflare, I had the web hosting company look at it they said its Cloudflare now allowing the certificate to be authenticated. Anyway, I’m not a techie and have no idea how to resolve this issue or get to my website now to make any necessary changes.

Any simple help and straight forward guidelines on how to fix the issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

What is your site?

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It loads fine for me.

That’s not my website.

Then what is your website? Like is it missing or did I go to the wrong place?


That is what I connected to. Should there be content there?

Yes, a complete website.

Okay. What are your DNS entries? And what is your security setting set to for SSL?

It does not seem like a CloudFlare issue to me because it is possible to connect to your site and that is all that CloudFlare manages and content on the site is the responsibility of your host.


Can you share a screenshot of your DNS records?

Hi jake, thanks for getting back with me, I’m happy to say the issue has been resolved. Thanks for your help.

What was the issue in the end and how did you resolve it?

Hi jake, they disabled Cloudflare long enough to generate my let’s encrypt certificates and then once I activated Cloudflare everything worked perfectly.:grinning:

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They should really do certificate generation via another method, which supports proxies like the http challenge.