Let's Encrypt TXT _acme-challenge records partially missing

I’m trying to add following TXT records.


But on CF DNS, the records are displayed without domains.


I’m not sure if it has been like this or not. But because of this or not, I can’t proceed DNS validation for issuing SSL from Let’s Encrypt. Was it like this since beginning?

This is normal, the dashboard does not display the domain.

Can you share the domain?

Are you manually configuring the records? There are lots of tools that will completely automate this process using the Cloudflare API to create and delete the records as needed. I use acme.sh in this situation.


Yes, I’m copy and pasting these records from my shared server. For acme.sh, I don’t think I can use that tool for my case, especially this one.

Thanks for clarification. Then the problem is not CF DNS.

I’ll wait 12 hours or more, perhaps time solves…

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