[Let's Encrypt SSL] FAILURE of renewal of mutiaradakwah.com

I’m using free SSL from my hosting, and after a few months of connecting my site to cloudflare, the following email appears: https://prnt.sc/vg499u

My site URL: https://mutiaradakwah.com

How to solve it?
Thank you

Is there no answer?

It looks like you use DNS challenge to verify the ownership of the domain for letsencrypt.
Best solution would be to use http verification.
In this case all you need do is just put a empty file in a specific directory and everything should be okey !

For DNS Challenge you need Create TXT entrys in the DNS.

I recommend you to switch over to http verification that way you dont need to mess with the dns entry if you dont want.

It looks like the method above is complicated
Also, I don’t think there is anything different/broken from my site, even though the warning email is received to me
Do I have to follow the methods above?
Thank you

Yes this free SSL was valid for your hosting before you switched to Cloudflare.
Now you need either way enter the needed TXT records in the Cloudflare DNS Section by hand
or change the verification to http and put the needed files for http verification.
I suggest you to go to the letsencrpyt forum and ask there for help if you dont know how to do this all
or hire somebody who can do this.

I mean do I only need to do one of those ways or both?

Only one is needed in your case the HTTP verification.
I really suggest you that you get help from somebody who has experience with this.
Ask in the letsencrypt forum or some freelancer that can do this for you.

So I just need HTTP verification, and I don’t need to enter the required TXT records in Cloudflare DNS?

Why there is no answer?

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