Let's encrypt SSL and cloudflares SSL

I use to have Cloudflare working on my site www.blendstudios.com until I was advised by my hosting company that perhaps it wasn’t necessary. Apparently they heavily cache the site server-side.

On their advice I removed it.

Unfortunately, and subsequently, my rankings took a bit of a downward turn.

I’m looking to get Cloudflare working again, however, I have run into some issues that occur when I implement it again.

When I point the nameservers back to Cloudflare the site doesn’t load and I’m at a loss to try to resolve the issue.

I have reverted NS back to my hosts because i don’t want any downtime.

Before I had made the change to bypass Cloudflare I had no SSL certification server-side but had SSL with Cloudflare. Since we aren’t using Cloudflare currently we had to install a certificate on our hosts server. It’s Let’s encrypt.

My host informed me today that their “let’s Encrypt” does not work with Cloudflare.

With that considered, I suppose the question is this. Could the problem (when trying to implement Cloudflare) be caused by having my hosts SSL (let’s encrypt) and cloudflares SSL running at the same time?

Could this potentially cause issues?

I am the owner of the site.

I’ve have tried to muddle my way through as I have very little experience at this.

Thanks in advance for your help in this matter.

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Cloudflare works best when your host also has SSL, such as Let’s Encrypt.

The Let’s Encrypt problem most likely occurs when it tries to renew. Will your host let you install a Cloudflare SSL certificate?

Can you be more specific about how your site doesn’t load when you’re using Cloudflare?

Thanks for your quick response.

i think we’ll get the servers pointing to cloudfllare again tonight and then upload the screenshot etc. That way you and everyone else perhaps can see what the actual issue is!

I’ll do that about 5pm UK time.

Thanks again!


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Hi @barrie,

Just checked your site again and you appear to be using Cloudflare nameservers now! The site loads fine for me, hopefully it does at your end, too :slight_smile:

Yes - It all appears to be working fine!

Thank you!

I will make this query solved tomorrow.

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