Let's Encrypt edge certificated assigned by default

I have been using cloudflare for several domains, and they have all allowed HTTPS with a cloudflare certificate. I recently migrated a domain to a new cloudflare account, and this one was assigned a certificate signed by Let’s Encrypt. I need to communicate with this service from an environment which does not trust the Let’s Encrypt root certificate. Is there any way to regenerate the certificate so that it is not signed by Let’s Encrypt, as it was before?

If you need to use a particular CA, you need to subscribe to the Advanced Certificate Manager product, where you can choose to use a Digicert CA instead. With Universal SSL, you do not have an option to choose your CA.

On Business and Enterprise plans you can also bring your own Custom SSL Certificate.


If you use both a cloudflare and an R3 (Let’s encrypt) certificate then that could also be the cause! If you have both a cloudflare and an R3 (Let’s encrypt) certificate, then remove the R3 certificate!