Let's Encrypt DNS-01 for private MS-Exhange server

Cloudflare hosts our website and DNS.

I have a privately hosted MS-Exchange server and wish to setup Let’s Encrypt to use DNS-01 as the challenge type for certificate renewals. This is very easy with Godaddy. But I cannot find any useful information for how to achieve this with CF.

To clarify. I wish to leave the website as is, with CF.
I require DNS-01 challenge type for use with Let’s Encrypt for our privately hosted on-premise MS-Exchange server. Setup work’s fine for other domains hosted with GoDaddy. I cannot find any helpful documentation on how to acheive this with CF. Please advise.

You’d have to see how your server would configure certbot to use DNS-01. It would need your Global API key.

Let’s encrypt has the option to select cloudflare API… I need to know how to configure cloudflare tokens to accept the let’s encrypt request. Easy with other providers. How do I do it with Cloud flare or is cloud flare just a painful time wasting service?

Does anyone have any useful information or is cloudflare a useless service and platform?

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