Let's Encrypt active When Cloudflare Running

In the domain name anubandarage.com running on Cloudflare but in the browser it indicates let’s encrypt SSL certificate not Cloudflare SSL.

Anybody knows why this happen?

Looks like this website using Cloudflare proxy. In this case, they are using “Bring Your Own SSL Certificate” which is available from the Business plan and above.

No. It is using free plan and it is using Full (strict) mode which installed in the Orgin CA certificate on the server.

Cloudflare use multiple Certificate Authorities, and we have seen a few Lets Encrypt certificates recently. Nothing to be concerned about.

You will still need to configure a valid certificate on your Origin and set the SSL Mode to Full (Strict) to be secure, and you can use LE certs there as well.

Which means, we can install Let’s Encrypt certificates to the Origin CA when we select Full (Strict)?

No need the certificate generated by Cloudflare?

Exactly you can! And i have one domain showing LE cert too.

I’m not exactly sure what you are asking.

Cloudflare installs a certificate for your domain on their servers, and it does not really matter what the CA is, so long as it is publicly trusted.

Separately, you need to have a valid certificate on your Origin server, and it also does not really matter what the CA is, so long as it is publicly trusted.

You can use LE on your Origin, and set Full (Strict). But you need to obtain that cert yourself directly from Lets Encrypt.

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