Let others CNAME to my Domain


Hi Everyone
I have a software that serves my clients with subdomains that I provide to them,
for example, zagi.pepebooking.com is for one of my clients, now he wants to CNAME his domain (mycompany.com) into this subdomain.
My domain is operating over Cloudflare!
Can someone help me where shall I start reading and what is the proper subject that can lead me to have more understanding of this case?
EXAMPLE: https://support.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/37590-using-a-vanity-support-url-and-pointing-the-cname
In this example I want to be like freshdesk that provide this service to their clients
Thanks guys so far


Cloudflare has a solution built to do just that:

More information on the heavy lifting the CF solution does so that you don’t have to build it yourself is highlighted here:


That’s exactly what I was looking for! (y)


Is it still just for Enterprise customers?


Yes. But we’ve got a number of smaller SaaS companies using it in addition to some extremely large ones.


hi sir.
in this page cloudflare can allowed cname from other account for pro, business or Enterprise plan is right?

Error 1014: CNAME Cross-User Banned

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