Let only a subdomain be managed by CF

I only want cloudflare to manage a subdomain while I have a master DNS which manage the rest.
On my master DNS I configure a subdomain record sub.x.com (NS) to point to cloudflare NS, then I try to add sub.x.com as a new site in cloudflare but I get an error saying i need to add the parent domain. After being forced to add the parent domain instead of the subdomain, I configure the dns records for my sub-x-com in cloudflare and all works just fund but it keeps saying the my domain isn’t verified because when CF queries for NS record it gets the master NS record instead of the cloudflare ones.

The issue with not having the domain verified is that the SSL isn’t generated by CF

Anyone has any experience ? Thanks

Unless you are on a business plan and using a CNAME setup, you can’t add a subdomain to Cloudflare. You have to add the whole domain and change the nameservers to point to Cloudflare.

You can set any DNS records that you don’t want to go through Cloudflare to :grey: and set the ones that you do want to :orange:.

Thanks ! I would like to test CNAME setup before subscribing to it but it seems not possible

You have to contact them for a CNAME setup anyway, I believe, so you could ask! No idea if you would get it though.

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