Less spammed IP

Hello. The question is about IP blocking in Russia. In the free plan, all IP binded to my domain were blocked in Russia. If I pay for a Pro plan, will the IP change to less spammed ones? What is the procedure for getting rid of bad IP?

Thank you.

Have you read through all the other posts?

Yes, I have read. But there is no answer, something will change on a paid plan or no. A huge russian site avito.ru uses Cloudflare services, but their IP is clean. I would like to know the details. Thank you.

Because Avito.ru using a Business plan with dedicated IP blocks. In Free plans, you are given IP from the General list.

Without a doubt. But business and enterprise are too much for me. Therefore, the question is - will it get better in the Pro plan?

You will probably get a new IP address, but there are no guarantees that it won’t also be blocked. The IPs aren’t bad. The Russian ISP is just very aggressive in their bans.

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