Less cache hit ratio with Workers KV and wordpress


I have recently started using workers with KV namespace on my site using

I see the cache it ratio with the worker is very less ~50%. Earlier I was using cloudflare page rule with “Cache Everything” where my cache hit ratio was ~90-95%

Is this expected to have such low cache hit ratio with worker script on Wordpress?
I also don’t see any Edge Cahe TTL defined in the worker script, can that be the reason?
How long a cache is stored on edge server with the worker script?


I’d assume that the standard CDN cache works differently from a worker creating the Cache in a KV, since the standard CDN probably distributes globally by default, while the worker-based on probably caches when requested at the edge. Though, someone at CF can probably confirm this.

Thanks for the response. I hope some one can clarify this.
Or may be the edge cache script needs some enhancement or we need to add additional worker script.