Length of domain registration affecting SEO

No, I don’t have time to do your research for you, but it has been common practice for at least a decade.

For me? You make a claim and cant back it up.

There are way too many myths about the legendary search engine optimisation and this is one of them.

I remember now that you are the guy who harassed me quite badly on this forum a while back, forcing me to shutdown a legitimate thread. I do not know what your issue is, but I officially request that you simply leave me alone and cease interacting with me.

@sandro made a valid point, he only asked you where you got your information from, in my opinion this is not an unreasonable ask! Accusing someone of harassment is a bit OTT.

On a public forum, people don’t all have the same views on something, everyone has a right to make their point as long as it is done politely.

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What? Are we paranoid now? I ask you to please back up a claim and thats a harassment? :roll_eyes:


Read the previous thread, his behavior was disgraceful and Cloudflare apologized for it.

I am looking for it on your history ATM.

Do you mean this one?!


Apologised for what?

I am afraid I have to disagree, that thread got out of hand but I disagree with that.

I do now remember that thread, looks like I got involved there as well!

Not providing links for that claim either I take :wink:

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This is a professional forum, for use by people who are purchasing services and who need guidance on certain aspects of that. On such forums, as opposed to social forums such as Reddit, there is an expectation that the participants will act professionally. There should never be a situation where a thread “got out of hand”, that should be impossible within the parameters of professional behavior.

Any situation where one customer continues to interact with another customer after they have requested they stop is harassment. It does not matter whether or not the harasser’s friends on the forum agree that it is harassment, the simple rule is that you do not continue interacting with someone who has asked you to stop. The person who feels harassed is under no obligation to provide links, or correspondence, or any other devices that the harasser may use to prolong the interaction and disguise it as a normal conversation.

This is the same as a maladjusted guy in a nightclub who won’t leave a girl alone. Once she asks him to go away, he should not ask why, or demand evidence, or accuse her of being a bad person. He should just go and, perhaps, have a think about why he keeps ending up in these situations, whether there might, possibly, be something lacking in his chat-up technique. And he probably shouldn’t pop up weeks later to have another shot at pulling her.

In the case of that thread, I complained to Cloudflare and they agreed that his behavior had been inappropriate, derailing a legitimate thread.

I thereafter massively reduced my participation here, so, in effect, he “won”. It should, however, be possible for me to make an “I’d like this too please” post without this guy popping up to derail yet another legitimate thread.

Just to be clear, I am not here to argue or fight with anyone - it frankly bewilders me why anyone would waste their time like that. I am, however, a customer with 160+ domains registered here, meaning I sometimes run into technical issues that I can either receive advice about or that I can help others with.

In my experience, Sandro’s contributions are overwhelmingly negative and confrontational, weaponized pedantry. Now he has turned up on this thread, it is only a matter of time before he realizes he has gone too far again and closes the thread, just like last time. Yet another legitimate thread, where people could register their interest in a certain feature, will be closed off because someone needed to exercise their ego.

I regard his behavior as harassment, I request that he simply not interacting with me in this community. Is that OTT? Possibly, but it is within my rights to request that he stop. In turn, I will absolutely refrain from interacting with him.

This is a public forum. Nobody has harassed you, if you cannot accept questions I would suggest you do not participate in any sort of forum.

I’d love to see who agreed with you on what. Can you post that?

I asked you a plain and simple question, can you or can you not provide an authoritative source for your claim. The answer to this question is probably pretty obvious, considering how you are attempting to turn this into whatever you believe that is.

So not to derail anything and to stay on-topic, can you please provide an authoritative source for that claim or is your statement simply what you believe to be true?

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The last thread got very out of hand, at least that was your own thread, @imappoet - this is someone elses thread and I am afraid I am going to have to quote you!

I cannot believe that the thread got hijacked

I can’t agree with this. It is a public forum and people are entitled to their opinion as long as it is done politely.

No, however it is unreasonable to expect people to believe every word you say without any backup.

This is unrelated. I have flagged this thread for moderator attention and I would ask that you stop this until a time that a moderator views the thread.

That is certainly not how it appears to me.

Last time, you specifically asked them to close it. Please don’t make me quote you again.

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No, what you have actually done this time, instead of closing the thread, is split Sandro’s posts off into this hidden thread because you noticed, despite your fealty to Sandro, that, yeah, his confrontational behavior doesn’t look so good and this is the easiest way to bury those posts.

You are not quoting it because you cannot find it, because I made no such request. It was Sandro who claimed I requested that.

What I said was “As he has already killed this thread, how about we all now let it rest in peace?

That meant “Let’s cease this pointless argument” and I made clear my own wish to disengage. I said nothing about closing the thread, that is something Sandro quickly did so I could not respond after you and he spent another 20 minutes posting.

I have no such expectation and was, in fact, clear that Sandro should do his own research into it. Whether what Google has said about ranking factors is true, false, or out-of-date, I was expressing my reason for hoping Cloudflare will introduce multi-year registration. It was a simple, uncontroversial post in a simple, focused thread before Sandro’s ego arrived.

I have never jumped into a thread to interact with Sandro, not even once. Where I see he is involved, I simply move on. I have zero interest in interacting with him or anyone else who regards this community as their gang territory. In fact, I hardly ever visit this community anymore, I only came today because I am following a specific error and, thankfully, he was not involved in those threads.

There is nothing polite about continuing to harangue someone after they have asked you to leave them alone. Even in a public forum, the rules of civil discourse apply. When someone has made it quite clear, as I did in both threads, that they are feeling harassed, the correct response is to either apologize or stop. It might be acceptable to defend oneself, to claim that one did not intend to harass, but it is simply not acceptable to continue haranguing, especially after they have said: “Okay, I give up, you win, please leave me alone now”.

You defend Sandro because he is your friend but, seriously, if you intend to continue acting in concert with him, you should take the time to sit back and think about whether your own operating definition of harassment is correct. Is any of this appropriate in a community intended to provide support for a paid product? I cannot see how this cliquish behavior can be regarded as anything other than a liability for a real company with real customers.

I have done nothing of the sort. I did not split anything.

I refuse to be engaged in this thread any more.

You, Sandro … at this point, what’s the difference.

I respect your wish to disengage, I shall too, please do me the great favor of not engaging with me elsewhere in this community, let’s give each other a wide berth from now on.

Hidden? This thread is more on top at this point than the original one.

My what? You are the one accusing others and being somewhat offensive.

How else would you interpret this request?

Anyhow, may I please ask you to stay on-topic as you did before yourself and can you please respond to the question, there is no point to argue.

You claimed the length of a domain registration directly affects SEO and I asked you for a backup. This is a legitimate request, is it not? So, please, can you provide what was asked or not?


So to get this straight!

Responding to you to help you (in the thread you referenced) and now (in this thread) asking you to back up a statement is harassment, actually prolonged harassment? Just to be clear. Thanks.