Legitimate user blocked by bot detection2

We have a legitimate user (Because they created a helpdesk ticket) that is being blocked by the bot detection. How do we fix this?
“action”: “block”,
“clientASNDescription”: “COGENT-174”,
“clientAsn”: “174”,
“clientCountryName”: “US”,
“clientIP”: “”,
“clientRequestHTTPHost”: “uiu.edu”,
“clientRequestHTTPMethodName”: “GET”,
“clientRequestHTTPProtocol”: “HTTP/1.1”,
“clientRequestPath”: “/”,
“clientRequestQuery”: “”,
“datetime”: “2024-05-23T13:00:35Z”,
“rayName”: “88853acfaf39feca”,
“ref”: “”,
“ruleId”: “874a3e315c344b1281ad4f00046aab6f”,
“rulesetId”: “48ba18287c544bd7bdbe842a294f1ae2”,
“source”: “firewallManaged”,
“userAgent”: “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36”,
“matchIndex”: 0,
“metadata”: [
“key”: “ruleset_version”,
“value”: “7”
“key”: “version”,
“value”: “6”
“key”: “type”,
“value”: “customer”
“sampleInterval”: 1

We have a teacher that is currently blocked from because of Cloudflare.
Hoping you can help out.
Cloudflare Ray ID: 88853acfaf39feca


Have you looked at the rule that is referenced in the Ray ID details?

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No, as I have no idea where that is. I check at the BOT part but there is only a check box to turn on or off.

Why do you think it is bot fight related?

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Because of this screenshot?

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Bot Fight Mode has two settings: on and off. Super Bot Fight Mode is customizable and is included in all paid plans.

If adding an allow rule for the corresponding source IPs does not let the traffic through, you can turn off Bot Fight Mode or upgrade to Super Bot Fight Mode.

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Nothing happens when I click on the Configure Super Bot Fight Mode. Nothing happens. We have a pro plan but it doesn’t seem to do anything when I click on it.

This is after I click on the circled item above:

You might see if changing the disposition in the first option from block to challenge lets the user in after a successful challenge.

You could also add a custom firewall rule to skip Super Bot Fight on their network.

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Thank you this is what I needed!

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