Legitimate user blocked by bot detection


I like to take a look at my security events often and noticed this legitimate user blocked by bot protection:

Any idea on how to better setup bot protection so that legitimate users are not blocked?
Thank you

Why do you believe this to be a legitimate user?

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How did you determine this is a legitimate user?

1- ip is not reported on ipabuse: https://www.abuseipdb.com/check/
2- the query redirect to cart only shows up when a user adds a product to cart without login, so he is redirected to checkout right after that. I don’t believe a bot was trying to order…

Thank you

Any ideas?

I’m not convinced that your legitimate user is trying to buy something from within an Amazon data center. That seems very unlikely.


That’s the kind of feedback I was looking for, someone who has seen something that I haven’t. Thank you

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@Laudian @cscharff what you think about this one? It’s from my country PT and comes from ads…
Why was it blocked?

It was blocked because Cloudflare’s algorithm for detecting bots determined this was not a request from a real user. If the feature is causing issues for you or you’re unhappy with it it can be disabled for some or all of the site.

Get started with Super Bot Fight Mode (Pro) · Cloudflare bot solutions docs.

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