Legitimate Bingbot traffic triggering WAF

We received notification today that Bing has delisted our site, and when I look at the firewall rules I see a ton of traffic like this:


So far as I can tell that looks like legitimate bot traffic, and I’ve seen a couple of other people saying that Bingbot is having problems with bingbot being blocked.

Is there an issue right now?

Pretty sure cloudflare is capable of detecting fake bingbot IPs. You can verify the IPs at https://www.bing.com/toolbox/verify-bingbot



CF WAF FTW :sunglasses:

Gimme a moment. Let me go do a fetch url from bing console to a specific URL on the site, then screenshot both results. Because it will give a 403 and trigger the WAF rule.

You can use CF Firewall to filter by IP and see if CF WAF blocked that IP

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