Legit customer blocked - how to unblock?

I am a novice here. Not sure to solve this… But a dear customer that I know very well was blocked today when she tried to log in through our website to the online course that she is paying for through her monthly membership. Cloudflare Ray ID provided.

Can I unblock her somehow?

Do you see the block & reason for the block? If not, you can find out by checking the Cloudflare Firewall Event Log, look for the Ray ID you shared.


Once you figure out why they were blocked you can create a rule to allow their traffic or edit the rule that is blocking them to ensure they can access your site.

To do that, I think you’ll want to be familiar with the WAF and options available, Cloudflare Firewall Rules · Cloudflare Firewall Rules docs.

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Thank you for your advice.
I have now checked all events in the Security / Events / Activity log from 9 to 23 June (the two weeks available), but the Ray ID mentioned in the blocking notification is not mentioned anywhere in the Activity log.

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