Legacy SSL Certification Issue

I had a domain name through Bluehost that was utilizing Cloudflare and Wordpress. I decided to change to Shopify, but in the process have received a 403 error for days now. Domain is theworldatourtable.com

DNS is pointing to Shopify’s IP - all of that has propagated correctly, but SSL is pending.

I’ve been instructed by Shopify team to check w/ Cloudflare to verify if there is a legacy SSL certification still there on the domain that can be removed. Verified with Bluehost that Cloudflare is disconnected, but this “legacy” issue may be the culprit?

Would love some help. This is as far as my knowledge can take me and I’m a bit lost.

This is what I currently see:

Also I can see it’s served over HTTP, not HTTPS.

Also I can see HTTP header <link> to cdn.shopify.com so it’s working, but the SSL seems not to be …

Is this “status” related to the Universal SSL or at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name? :thinking:

Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 8.30.34 PM
Hmmm I’m still getting a 403 error over here. I’m on with Shopify support to resolve the SSL.

Interestingly Bluehost had a 5 day “uninstallation” wait period for Cloudflare and I had them uninstall immediately. I’m glad that you’re seeing the actual site though! Clearly at the moment on SSL issue, but you don’t think the issue is with Cloudflare at this point, correct?

Update, I had to clear my cache!! SSL is still pending but the 403 error is resolved. I think it has finally disconnected from Cloudflare completely.

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I can see your domain name theworldatourtable.com is using Bluehost nameservers, not Cloudflare.

theworldatourtable.com. IN NS
theworldatourtable.com. 21600 IN NS ns1.bluehost.com.
theworldatourtable.com. 21600 IN NS ns2.bluehost.com.

Therefore, Cloudflare’s Universal SSL cannot be provisioned for your domain name, if you are talking about Cloudflare’s SSL? :thinking: