Legacy CAPTCHA is not working


I have bought a domain via Cloudflare and use Free version.

I want to set the Legacy captcha in my web page so I have set the Legacy captcha in WAP

before sometimes the Legacy captcha shows up on desktop and it doesn’t show on mobile

but now Legacy captcha is not working in desktop and mobile

According to Cloudflare challenges · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs,
For domains on Free plan, any firewall rules set to Legacy CAPTCHA have become intelligent Managed Challenge. As a free customer, you cannot opt out of Managed Challenges.

Can I use Legacy CAPTCHA in mobile and desktop when upgrade to Pro ?

I’m looking forward to your reply.



Thank you for asking.

I am not aware of it what could cause it, except how does it actually work in the background (untknownt to me) or due to some web browser cache in between? :thinking:

I am afraid not possible, except if you could somehow create a Firewall Rule with “Legacy Captcha” option for mobile-only user-agent :thinking:

Furthermore, Legacy Captcha is deprecated:

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