Leaving Cloudflare, changed Nameservers - anything more to do?

It is now more than 48h ago that I changed my Cloudflare nameservers back to my original ones at my Registrar, but still, there have been no changes propagated. If you want to check: https://se-legal.de

I didn’t delete my Cloudflare Account or removed the Domain because I don’t want to risk any downtime.

I am asking myself now if I have to do anything else but wait until the DNS change has propagated and does anyone know which TTL is relevant for the DNS / Nameserver change?

Thanks for your help!

Are you sure? It looks like DENIC is your registrar, but their data doesn’t show the change.

Thanks for your answer. I deleted exactly those two nameservers and replaced them with the three from before. Did I miss something? I have contacted the support of the hosting / registrar so that they can look at it, but it is weird.

When I check the nameservers at denic automatically, they only discover the Cloudflare ones.

When I enter the new ones manually, at least they are able to verify them:

Maybe it takes only more time?

Link for tool: Nameserver Check - DENIC eG

I don’t know if your registrar uses NS records for their WHOIS info, but typically, NS records are a separate record for after the domain is resolved through WHOIS.

But for now, this is in your registrar’s hands. Cloudflare has no control over your registrar’s name server settings. It’s good that you’ve retained your Cloudflare account in the mean time.

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Thanks for your input.

The denic is the general authority for any .de addresses, but my hosting provider is the registrar (and affiliated with the denic). I changed the nameservers in the hosting / registrar dns panel. If there are no hidden options to me, I should have done everything right.

I am a bit confused because I deleted the Cloudflare nameservers more than 48h ago and didn’t get any feedback yet from Cloudflare itself. I need to talk to my hosting/registrar - maybe they know why this takes so long.

What I miss during any research on this topic was a clear warning not just to delete the Cloudflare Account / DNS entries - I would probably be offline by now if I have just done that.

I will update if I have news!

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I found my problem! Despite of the DNS NS entries there was a registrar level showing the old nameservers - I exchanged them and I can already see the new dns servers propagating. uff.

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