Leaving cf? big commerce o2o requires enterprise

So big commerce tells me I need this 020, orange to orange protocol. However it looks like the only way you can do it is with enterprise. I’m not that big of a company to be able to afford an enterprise plan. I guess my only solution is to leave cloud for and to resolve directly through big commerce’s servers because we don’t have the deep pockets for an enterprise plan.
Reason went with cloud for in the first place was because we were trying to filter out bot traffic. It hasn’t done that. Somehow, the bots go right around Cloudflare.! I don’t know how it’s occurring but they’re still getting through. I have called customer support over and over to no avail. It seems cloud flares not doing anything I needed to and is going to overcharge me for this simple thing. I guess I’m leaving Cloudflare unless somebody has some great ideas for me thanks in advance

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