Leased Business IP getting blocked by CF on all CF-enabled sites

As of the other day, my IP is getting blocked by CF on all CF-enabled sites. Even my own Cloudflare protected site is blocking my IP. The IP is a leased Spectrum Business line, and it’s private to me, and the lease has been in place for over a year. I was even blocked when attempting to login into my CF account, Cloudflare Ray ID: 6653cd35981d2f91.

I have already check for blocklisting across numerous lists and providers, and my IP is clean. How do I get the IP cleared in the CF protection system?

|Is Listed?|List Name|
|No|0spam DNSBL|
|No|0spam KillList|
|No|abusech combined zone|
|No|abusech FastFlux Tracker|
|No|abusech spam blacklist|
|No|abusech Web abuse Tracker|
|No|abusech ZeuS Tracker IP|
|No|abusero IP RBL|
|No|anonmailsde DNSBL|
|No|AntiCaptchaNET IPv4|
|No|ASPEWS Listings|
|No|Barracuda Reputation Block List|
|No|BBFH Level 1|
|No|BBFH Level 1 (@SORBS)|
|No|BBFH Level 2 (@SORBS)|
|No|BBFH Level 3 (@SORBS)|
|No|BBFH Level 4 (@SORBS)|
|No|Blog Spam Blacklist|
|No|Blog Spam Blocklist (emptyus)|
|No|Blog Spam Blocklist (spamlookupnet)|
|No|C&CZ's own black list|
|No|choonnet IPv4 DNSBL|
|No|Cymru Bogon List|
|No|Cymru Fullbogon IPv4 List|
|No|danmeuk (all tor nodes)|
|No|danmeuk (only tor exit nodes)|
|No|Darklistde IP blacklist|
|No|DNSRBL (Real-time Blackhole List)|
|No|DRBL vote node caravanru|
|No|DRBL work node caravanru|
|No|EFnet RBL|
|No|EFnet RBL mirror|
|No|EFnet TOR|
|No|Fasthosts RBL|
|No|Habeas Infringer List|
|No|ImproWare IP based spamlist|
|No|ImproWare IP based wormlist|
|No|InterServer BL|
|No|JIPPG's RBL Project (mail-abuse Listings)|
|No|Kemptnet DNS Black List|
|No|kundenserverde relays|
|No|Leadmon-Net's SpamGuard Listings (LNSG)|
|No|Mailspike Blacklist|
|No|Mailspike Zero-hour Data|
|No|McAfee RBL|
|No|MSRBL combined|
|No|MSRBL images|
|No|MSRBL phishing|
|No|MSRBL spam|
|No|MSRBL virus|
|No|MSRBL web|
|No|nether-net (relays)|
|No|nether-net (unsure)|
|No|NiX Spam DNSBL|
|No|nsZones-com SBL|
|No|Open Resolver Check|
|No|Pedantic-org netblock|
|No|Pedantic-org spam|
|No|Polar Communications Admin RBL|
|No|PSBL (Passive Spam Block List)|
|No|rothen-com DynIp|
|No|Russian Dial-up User List|
|No|Rymsho's DNSBL|
|No|s5h-net IPv4 RBL|
|No|SORBS Aggregate zone|
|No|SORBS Aggregate zone (problems)|
|No|SORBS Aggregate zone (proxies)|
|No|SORBS Aggregate zone (relays)|
|No|SORBS Dynamic IP Addresses|
|No|SORBS hijacked networks|
|No|SORBS netblocks of spam supporting service providers|
|No|SORBS Open HTTP Proxies|
|No|SORBS Open other Proxies|
|No|SORBS Open SMTP relays|
|No|SORBS Open SOCKS Proxies|
|No|SORBS Spamhost (last 28 days)|
|No|SORBS Spamhost (last 48 hours)|
|No|SORBS Vulnerable formmailers|
|No|South Korean Network Blocking List|
|No|Spam Eating Monkey SEM-BACKSCATTER|
|No|Spam Eating Monkey SEM-BADNETS|
|No|Spam Eating Monkey SEM-BLACK|
|No|Spam Eating Monkey SEM-NETBLACK|
|No|SpamCop Blocking List|
|No|Spamhaus SBL Spamhaus Block List|
|No|Spamhaus XBL Exploits Block List|
|No|SpamLab FEB|
|No|SpamLab RBL|
|No|SpamRATS! NoPtr|
|No|SpamRATS! Spam|
|No|SpamStinks-com DNSBL|
|No|StopSpam-org dul|
|No|SURBL multi (Combined SURBL list)|
|No|SURBL xs (snowshoe and pill domains)|
|No|Swinog DNSRBL|
|No|TornevallNET DNSBL|
|No|Unsubscribe Blacklist UBL|
|No|WebEquipped-com block list|
|No|Woody's SMTP Blacklist IPv4|
|No|WPBL - Weighted Private Block List|
|No|ZapBL DNSRBL|```