Learning Web Development

Hello, I am new to Cloudflare, domains, hosting etc. I am looking to start learning web development and I want a website to upload my work to, I have a domain already and I’m currently trying to transfer it to Cloudflare. Although, I do not have a host and was looking for recommendations. Additionally, since my domain has not been used at all, I was wondering if it would just be easier to create a new one?

Thank you.

Recommendations are difficult it depends on your needs I for myself use Server4You, which was acquired by GoDaddy. But before you start running a server on your own, you should be familiar with the OS of your choice and how to secure it. ‘Ready to go’ webhosts are often limited, but a good choice to start.

That’s not a question for this forums even though there’ a bunch of Cloudflare partners. I am sorry.

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