LearnDash Plugin Really Slow

This is incredibly helpful. Thank you. I appreciate your time in helping me resolve these issues in the new coronavirus context. I am hoping we’ll all be able to find a way forward to get these LMS systems running more smoothly on more systems.

From the test result on webpagetest.org, the First Byte is 0.771s. It’s not too bad. The Largest Content Paint (LCP) is 19.884s, which means the problem lies in your theme or plugin.

I checked html of this page. This file - CF rocket loader is loaded 7 times. Other resource resource files have similar problem.


So the LCP problem is likely caused by the theme issue.

But I don’t understand the code for rocket loader is normally added by Cloudflare. Why are there so many instances?

More detailed recommendations,


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Thanks for your thoughts.

I discovered that Sucuri was causing problems and slowing down Cloudflare so I disabled Sucuri.

I use WPRocket but I don’t know if that’s the same as CF rocket loader. It seems like there was an option for a rocket loader maybe on Cloudflare??

The name similarity is a coincidence. Cloudflare’s Rocket Loader is just for optimizing JS files. WP Rocket is a super nice caching plugin for WordPress…and does some JS optimization as well.

I generally leave Rocket Loader disabled, as HTTP/2 overcomes some of what Rocket Loader set out to do, and my sites do their own JS optimization.

That’s disappointing that Sucuri slowed things down. Wordfence can also protect your site for free and is worth a try. Hopefully it won’t slow your site down. :crossed_fingers:

You can disable Rocket Loader as CF panel. See what happens.

WP Rocket is a Wordpress Cache Plugin to speed up page loading by converting dynamic page to static. Rocket Loader is a CloudFlare feature. You can disable it at Optimization section under Speed tab of your CF dashboard.

From the html codes, it seems the cache function of WP Rocket is not enabled. That’s why you receives “Reduce initial server response time” every time in page speed test. If the cache plugin is working, there’s normally the following words at the bottom of the html codes.

This website is like a Rocket, isn’t it? Performance optimized by WP Rocket. Learn more: https://wp-rocket.me - Debug: [email protected]

Furthermore, there’s conflict between WP Load and Jetpack in image LazyLoad. It appears lazyLoad is enabled by two plugins. And Jetpack wins. So need to disable one.

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