Leadpages.net sites acting differently behind HTTP proxy?


I have a leadpages.net landing page on a custom domain. This domain was DNS+HTTPS proxied (orange cloud on) via Cloudflare. Until last week, this worked great, then I started getting a 404 from leadpages (the 404 was actually a google sites page so I guess they use that service).

Is this a known issue, where leadpages or some google sites are giving bad responses to Cloudflare, or Cloudflare is getting the wrong IP or something?

Unfortunately leadpages support is not willing to actually look at the issue. I haven’t contacted Cloudflare support yet, I’m trying the forum first.

-Tony Lownds

Can you try temporarily pausing Cloudflare, and see if it works then? Also, is this the root domain or a subdomain?

Would you mind telling us the domain?

It’s also possible that they changed their IP addresses (assuming you’ve Set A recirds).
WIX and some other hosts sometimes do this as well.

Yes, I’ve disabled HTTP proxying (grey cloud) and the domain works.

It’s a subdomain (get.brandly.com), points to CNAME provided by leadpages.
CNAME flattening is NOT enabled (Flatten only at root)

Is there a way to see what IP Cloudflare is finding for leadpages, or do any debugging from my end? Does it seem reasonable or common for a site NOT to work behind the Cloudflare proxy?

Leadpages actually documents this restriction (buried in a FAQ page). I’ll just plan to run without any proxying. It would be nice to understand how this could occur.

My domain is on Cloudflare and when setting up my CNAME, I’m getting a DNS error. Now what?

To connect a Cloudflare domain to your Leadpages account, make sure the Status of the CNAME record is set to DNS only (cloud icon should be grey, not orange).

Generally that should not be the case.

In order to debug this you’d need to enable proxying again. Additionally I’d contact them and ask why they suggest to disable it. If they e.g. block Cloudflare’s IP addresse for some reason there wont be much you can do.

Just ran a test against a CNAMEd custom-proxy.leadpages.net and I did get different responses depending on whether it is proxied or not



Not proxied

To me this appears as if they did some check of some sort of the originating IP address and possibly “block” Cloudflare. But only they can clarify that.

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