Leadpages | blurry images

leadpages site (wordpressmanagedsecurity[.]com)and it loads fine and there are no apparent issues, but the images are blurry.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

thank you.

I doubt that’s the issue from CF. Best is, check with the developer to look into the matter.

i have been working with leadpages and it is a leadpages issue.

the issue is that images are being double optimized, until they are blurry, once by leadpages and again by Cloudflare.

however, it is not fixable within leadpages

the issue is that leadpages optimizes images (both within their image widget and for background images). for their image widget they give leadpages customers the option to choose whether to optimize the image or not. stupidly, allowing customers to choose to optimize background images or not is not an an available choice, leadpages does it by default and there’s no way to turn it off.

their support said i have to work with Cloudflare to turn off image optimization on leadpages sites

so, does anyone know how to turn off optimization only on background images for leadpages?

i don’t want to turn off all Cloudflare optimization.

thank you