Le DNS d'openAI n'est pas reconnu

I try to creat a DNS for openAi on my_site.fr :
To verify ownership of my_site.fr, navigate to your DNS provider and add a TXT record with this value: openai-domain-verification=dxxxx
but it doesn’t propagate

Some idea please ? :slightly_smiling_face:

What domain?

Can you show how exactly you are testing it, and determining that it doesn’t propagate?

Domain: formations-digitales[dot]fr

I wait since few hours :wink:

You didn’t do it exactly as OpenAI requested you to. :wink:

Change the content of the “Nom (requis)” field to “@”.

In addition, I can add that your TXT (SPF) record needs some maintenance as well.

At the bare minimum, you need to remove the “include:” that references your own domain, as that is creating an endless loop.

The leading “+”'es for each mechanism are not necessary, and can be removed as well.

I would also change the ending from “~all” to “-all”.

Example for the final result:

v=spf1 ip4:185.x.x.x -all

Sorry I dont understand ?
Change the content of the “Nom (requis)” field to “@”. OK why not. but with what? Isn’t it just a name for identification?
I have not “+” or “~all” in this TXT
Very sorry :frowning:

OpenAI is requesting you to add the TXT record on the naked domain.

With your name being “openai”, the record does not exist on the naked domain, but on a sub-domain instead.

That was for another TXT record, that I spotted issues on, while looking at your domain, and therefore, I simply suggested you to look in to that as well.

(I sent you the exact change(s) I would make there, in a PM, titled “SPF Suggestion for <your domain>”).

OpenAI didn’t verify with the existing token on the naked domain either.

The final solution was to start over from the beginning with the domain verification, e.g.:

  • Obtain a new verification token.

  • Add the new verification token, on the naked domain.

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