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So, after two years of working good, load time 2.5 - 3s, Google was happy, I was happy, visitors happy to, but now, from 16 hour ago load time LCP goes to 7 - 10 sec ???
GoDaddy says everything is OK from their side, and I need to try to find solutio here.
Nothing was changed on website, problem starts in 3:00 AM by my local time, and all pointing to Cloudflare.
So tech people do you have any idea, maybe solution for this ??

According to your description this statement is misleading. I would say, nothing points away from Cloudflare, but also nothing towards Cloudflare. :slight_smile:

To analyse your problem we would need to know your domain or particular URL where this happens. Otherwise it’s just gambling.

Slow download speed on pictures or anything that would point to Cloudflare?
When you called the site, was it slow, or is this just a benchmark-problem?
Did you do some updates lately?

Also: mostly always LCP depends on how a template is built and how you prioritize and therefore order your loadingorder. So probably not Cloudflare or GoDaddy but more likely updates at Themes/Plugins, but feel free to provide me with the requested info and I will have a look at.

OK let’s make it clear:

  1. “So probably not Cloudflare or GoDaddy but more likely updates at Themes/Plugins”
    Like I wrote “after two years of working good” - so last two years everything was great, loading time to 3 sec now is 7 - 10s. So nothing was changed, I make that theme and some plugins. If that was the problem I think I will have same time for last year and a half :slight_smile:

  2. “When you called the site, was it slow, …” Yes it’s slow, otherwise why will I bother myself to write this :slight_smile:

  3. "Did you do some updates lately?
    No I did not. Like I wrote “after two years of working good” and “Nothing was changed on website,”.
    So nothing has been changed, nethere settings or files on GoDaddy hosting or Cloudflare.

  4. I ask in general maybe there is some issue with CF but I see now that is only me, so website is theopendictionary . com

  5. Before I put my post here I spend hour and something with Tech support on GoDaddy.

So that is my story :smiley:

As a addition to my previous post I just did speed test on Cloudflare for my domain theopendictionary[dot]com
And this is the result.

So you can see how result of the speed testing are strange.
By Cloudflare, my website load speed is double faster than load time with Cloudflare but still Cloudflare speed software informe me that Cloudflare speeding my website for 0,5 sec :slight_smile: How is this possible ? ??

Those google metrics are collected from chrome users. So its a conglomerate of all page visits, not just the landing page. This is further backed up by the pagespeed insights for your site. The top half of the page is data from chrome users. The bottom half is google making a request themselves and profiling the exact provided URL.

When I run the google test for the landing page, the initial server response time is 450 ms. When I run the google test for a page that is not cached/needs to do an actual lookup such as for then the initial server response time is 5300 ms.

So… that means the network between google and Cloudflare is fine, but either the connection between Cloudflare and your origin server is slow or the origin server itself (or something it depends on such as a database). This is as far as I can narrow it down without asking you for semi-sensitive info like the IP of your site behind Cloudflare.

Hi Corvin,
Thank you for your answer and work on this.
Now I can check again what is happened with my server.
That was my first idea but they (GoDaddy ) they send me here .
Thank you again

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That doesn’t matter at all. And therefore I asked about if you updated anything etc.

That is not true! You run on Wordpress v6, which was released 24. May 2022, so you at least must have updated your site lately.

Since I now have your domain I quickly analysed it. All of your assets served from your server are not getting cached by Cloudflare due to their header. The initial request also is not cached, but this is normal since it is HTML, make sure you cache it at your server.

So here a bunch of tips:

  1. modify your headers, so they signalise Cloudflare, that these assets are cacheable, then you profit from Cloudflare’s Speed Improvement.
  2. save requests where possible.
    This Image ATM is a PNG which easily could have been an inlineSVG and therefore you would have immediately saved a request that pretty sure counts to LCP, since it is basically the only image.
  3. don’t use RocketLoader if you have just a few requests and can do what it does natively since it produces render blocking.
    Also RocketLoader (like all other JS based Cloudflare products) does have the problem of not being versionized. So if you implement it you include some code on your website that Cloudflare changes when it wants. RocketLoader/Mirage etc are reasons websites already got broken by not doing anything, but by including code that later (by Cloudflare) was changed. This can have a big impact on your site, especially as you don’t know if or when it will change, also (since not versionized) you can’t stick to a absolut version of it by default.
  4. Use “Cache Everything” with automatic cache wipes if you can’t cache these ressources by changing the headers.
  5. to boost your TTFB at Wordpress, please have a look at APO, it does an exceptional job in improving the TTFB.

So the change in headers definitely makes Cloudflare not caching your assets. I can’t tell you when this happened, since I just saw the page right now, but making them cacheable again will very sure boost your performance by a lot.

What could have changed the headers:

  1. web server
  2. application

But I don’t see anything wrong with Cloudflare ATM.

To also check the last options, please post a screenshot of your PageRules in the dashboard (the overview, where all are listed).

Thanks and have a good day :slight_smile:

All these red marked requests are the problem:

Headers all look something like this:

This header (max-age=3, must-revalidate) is not good for static content, specially if you want it to be cached and fast.

LCP is also impacted by Time To First Byte (TTFB) variances. And TTFB is impacted by the relative visitor’s ISP connection speed, browser/device CPU power and geographic distance factors. As such TTFB can vary and so can LCP.

You can read my guide on TTFB and factors that can impact that metric which in turn impacts LCP at Improving Time To First Byte (TTFB) With Cloudflare

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my suggestion
reduce the number of HTTP requests
avoid external scripts

i get good result with cf

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